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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wellfleet, The art gallery town!

I have been enjoying painting in and around Wellfleet villiage . Many beautiful homes and examples of early north eastern architecture. Last week I did two images there and plan to go back this week.
This home in the center of town I feel was my best image last week. It used to be a bank and later was owned by an artist.

I painted this image leaving Provincetown last week after lunch. It has been done a million times before by local artist's but I love to simplify the forms of the small houses called the flower cottages.Each one is named after a flower.

This final work is of a small cottage in the village of Wellfleet. It glows from the variations of blues and purples in the shadows surrounded by all the green, great spot to paint. I was in deep shade when I painted it and when I brought it into the sun it popped and all the color came out.

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